Producing My Own Work

It was the fall of 2006. I was living in New York City desperately trying to get noticed as an actress. It wasn't working. I had moved there in 2005. I was living off the high of working in Detroit. Everyone knew my name in Detroit. Or at least it felt [...]

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No no no! I didn't have to be Naked...but Marlon did. And honestly, I felt bad for the guy. I mean, yes, he DID executive produce this movie and star in he knew what he was getting into, but still, for weeks of shooting this poor guy had to either be buck-naked on [...]

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Guilty Mom…

GUILTY MOM An Ode to Moms on Mother's Day It was 1pm and I was half way to Charlotte, NC when I got the call from Production. I was on my way to shoot another Ford commercial, a campaign I had booked early last year that turned into about a dozen commercials, [...]

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“To Us” in Way Too Indie

To Us, a short film by indie up-and-comer T.S. Meeks, centers on a couple falling away from each other…after only being married less than 24 hours. It’s a crushing, brilliantly acted and scripted mini-drama about the hush after the hoopla, that moment when you and your newly-pronounced spouse escape the noise of the reception, unlock [...]

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My pursuit and failures of attaining a plant-based lifestyle. You guys – I am whole heartedly influenced by movies…blame it on the day job. Ya know how when you had a substitute teacher and she would put on a video, which was code word for “screw around time until your real teacher comes back”…Well I [...]

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