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Megan is recognized for playing characters that are no-nonsense, scrappy, quirky, fearless and strong.

She plays opposite Marlon Wayans in the Netflix original, NAKED, using her decade of improv skills to find subtle disgust in every take of this Groundhog Day-esque comedy. She plays a threatening bartender across Academy Award winner Louis Gossett Jr. in THE REASON.

Her role in TO US garnered the attention of Sundance with its unspoken heart-breaking tension. Megan co-starred opposite Keegan-Michael Key and ‘the gang’ in the hugely successful, longest running sitcom in history, IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA.

Her highly recognizable character “Kim The Matchmaker” has become the face of Ford in the Southeast, shooting dozens of commercials and running for over two years.

Megan brings a magnetic truth to her beautifully flawed characters.

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