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Wandering…raw, unfiltered and untamed.

Hey guys, I’m Megan and my friends call me Meg.

I’ve been wandering this planet balls out for 33 years and still haven’t “figured it all out”. I started this blog for those of you who are wanderers and want a little cohort slumber party and maybe some inspiration to get you off your ass and doing something!

I’m an Actress. My favorite, most thrilling roles to play whether they’re comedic or tragic are characters that are lost, in-crisis and trying to break through the monotony. Kinda like me in regular life. Which brings me to…

I’m an Activator. What the hell is that? Someone or something that activates; to set in motion. To organize or create.

I have always been a motivator, a leader and a DO-er. There’s a lot of Talk-ers in the world and not a lot of Do-ers. I’m a proponent of achieving your dreams no matter what they are. So if you tell me you “have always wanted to…” – I will absolutely get you started doing it! Try me! I believe in you.

Then there’s Me, the Adventurer. Aren’t we all? Because if we are alive…then we are all on this adventure called “life.”

Mine includes: becoming a mamma for the first time, attempting to become Vegan (and liking it), traveling with that baby I mentioned- against people’s advice, standing up for the things I believe in, flipping homes on the side of a budding acting career and listening to that little voice that told me to finally write this blog.

This is the place where I dive into all of the madness/malarchy mentioned above. So if you’re my fan, my mom (hi mom!), or someone who stumbled here because you like my madness…I’m SOOOOOOOO HAPPY you’re here!


Random Facts about Meg:

  • I have two brothers who are Medical Doctors and we argue all the time about health. I am of course referred to as…”the hippie”. P.S. My sister also has a PhD…so of course I’m the “artist” of the family.
  • After I said “I do”, I stripped off my wedding dress and my husband and I jumped off a cliff, unbeknownst to our families (I had a bathing suit on under my dress guys – gross!).
  • The first movie I produced, I was 9 ½ months pregnant, working 14+ hours on set in Portland, OR (which was 14 hours aways from my Midwife). No I did not give birth on set at the disappointment of my director. I left the movie when I hit “term” and my husband and I then took a 4 day drive down the coast. (again – against the advice of others).
  • I used to teach Acting and Writing to incarcerated women at Riker’s Island Prison in New York City. It’s still been some of the most rewarding work I’ve done.
  • I was President of my Senior class and Valedictorian of my college, which means I got to give two inspiring commencement speeches…that no one probably remembers.
  • I’ve grew up in a small town, Midland MI. I went to school in the heart of Detroit. I moved to Harlem, Clinton Hill and Bedstuy in NYC (before they were full of hipsters) and then Echo Park and Highland Park in Los Angeles (I was one of the many hipsters). Now, I’m based in both LA and Atlanta.
  • I was on Price Is Right and won a hot tub, a weight set and a TV. I also got to the showcase showdown but then lost to a kid who won Plinko! I mean Plinko! He deserved it. P.S. That is still the only TV I’ve ever owned as an adult and I haven’t had cable since I left my parents home.
  • I started this blog because I was sick of waiting to become famous to express my views and start movements for the betterment of the world. Like I preach to everyone else…just start. So I did! I hope it inspires you to get active too!