No no no! I didn’t have to be Naked…but Marlon did.

And honestly, I felt bad for the guy. I mean, yes, he DID executive produce this movie and star in it…so he knew what he was getting into, but still, for weeks of shooting this poor guy had to either be buck-naked on set with a bunch of strangers staring at his ass OR wear a thong to hide his junk so he could run through a crowd of strangers looking at his junk OR at least be topless (and for the record, this guy is in tip-top shape…let’s leave it at that). To top it all off, by the time it was my scene, he was either getting sick or losing his voice, so he couldn’t even expend the vocal energy to laugh with us about it. Talk about being vulnerable!

I had a scene with him in the elevator. It was my only scene. When I booked it, I thought I was only going to have one line and that was it. Buuuut when I got to set, they explained to me that this was a Groundhog Day type movie and that I was going to be saying my one line many different times, in many different ways. Hoot Dang Darrel! This just got fuuuuun!

Booking this movie was part of a very good omen for me. I had made the decision that I would give the Southeast a try, and right after we made the decision to do it, set our travel date and packed the car, I got the call that I had booked this movie. Thank you God for the small little messages that say “you’re going in the right direction.”

So my husband, my one year old, my great dane, my boxer/lab and my two feral cats get stuffed into a Toyota Highlander, complete with the cargo storage rack on top of the car and a trailer hitched to the back with half of everything we own. It’s now the third time in my little man’s life that he’s traveled fully across the country. More about that here.

Alsoooo, I think it’s poignant to say that I filmed this movie in Charleston, SC during the 2016 election. Boy oh boy. Enough said. Here I was, a California girl driving through the back roads of the deep south. What.A.Different.World. But, what I told my friends back home was…”I can do more good here than I can do in L.A.” We didn’t know when we were shooting who would win. And it was a very interesting ride in the passenger van the morning of 11/8/16 when I told the driver I was “worried” and she said “so am I” and then we realized we were both worried for the exact opposite reasons.

It was a somber mood in the makeup chair the next morning, but we still made a movie, a comedy at that! We made jokes and we made people laugh. I stood in the elevator with a naked, worn out Marlon Wayans and made him chuckle. That was my whole goal by the way, to get him to smile. I wanted to make him feel supported by me in his voiceless nakedness. And after shooting this movie, I knew this was the right move for me and my family. I needed to meet the South. And so far, I love it here. Not so much the old way of thinking, but the energy and opportunity in my business AND ALSO the opportunity in the future of humankind. After all, Atlanta is the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement. 🙂

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