My pursuit and failures of attaining a plant-based lifestyle.

You guys – I am whole heartedly influenced by movies…blame it on the day job.

Ya know how when you had a substitute teacher and she would put on a video, which was code word for “screw around time until your real teacher comes back”…Well I watched that shit!

Bill Nye the Science Guy & Conjunction Junction. Classics!

So it’s no surprise that when documentaries started to explode the marketplace in the last 10 years, (thanks Netflix), that they started to change me.

Now I should also say that I’ve never been a big meat eater. My Italian mamma would make her famous spaghetti and meatballs and I would always want to serve myself sans meatballs. When I started #adulting and buying my own groceries in college, I would never buy meat mostly because it was the most expensive thing and I was ba-roke.

The only time I was eating meat was a juicy burger or delicious steak at a great restaurant.


So I refused to watch this one for a while. I know that I am the kind of person that once I know something, once I have the information, I cannot turn it off. I cannot unlearn it or turn a blind eye.

So there I was watching Food Inc. and when it ended I turned to my husband and said “that’s it – we’re going organic”. Now I know it was important because people kept saying it was…but I didn’t know why? (Why is organic important?)


One of my films premiered at the Santa Barbara Film Festival (more on that here). And at the opening night gala they played this film. OH god. – now we’re over fishing the ocean? The biggest line I remember impacted me ” we don’t care b/c we don’t see it everyday. Because we’re not directly affected.” Don’t forget about that ocean!

So my husband turned to me – “well i guess we’re not eating fish anymore”. And really we didn’t eat that much either. The occasional shrimp and salmon from Trader Joe’s but again – that shit’s¬†expensive!

The most ridiculous part of that night was after watching this riveting documentary explaining the existence of all life of the ocean endangered…the after party was serving sushi. seriously? No one was eating it! And all that poor fish prob went in the trash. Great job planning that one guys #fail.


The kicker came with Cowspiracy. I started to turn the corner on whether I could actually give up dairy and eggs and cheese. Because I said I’d NEVER do it. I am a cheese head. No not from Wisconsin. I’m from Michigan. I just really like cheese.

It was this film that spoke to me not just the health effects of eating meat but it talked about the Agriculture industry and it’s effects that human consumption of meat has on the entire planet.

Suddenly I realized that my choices were bigger than me. That everyday I could take responsibility for a bigger purpose. And I felt the pull to do this everyday. but I don’t have $ for a foundation or to donate thousands of dollars.

So it became not just about me and my health but about you, and my son and your kids and his kids kids. And I think about this every time I’m in a grocery store thinking about buying cheese or milk. I feel too guilty now

A. for the animals abused in Factory Farms

B. the health benefits and scares.

C. The planet in dire despair and how it’s so easy to stop. That I can do something Everyday to help.

Whoo! That feels really effing good to say.

So – of course I’m still trying to make the entire switch. And I love this quote from the founder of the coined term veganism. “It shouldn’t be inconvenient”

Just give it your BEST. your SERIOUS best! Everyday.

I’m still reading __ and ___ and making sure I get all the nutrients I need and my baby needs with Forks Over Knives Family.

But everyday I get supporting this cause and it makes me feel really really good. That I lived for something today and in return I live better.






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